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Born in Romania when it was still the beautiful, vibrant, productive Breadbasket of Europe, John Muntean had a taste of real freedom. Thirty-two years later, his desire to flee religious persecution and Communist control pushes him into a plan that very well could cost him his life. All he’s got to do is get past the throng of specially-trained guards keeping Romanian citizens away from the American Embassy.  If he doesn’t, his family will be living forever under one of history’s most ruthless Communist dictatorships. John’s willingness to die for his family’s freedom rocks the nation and brings hope to those trapped under the thumb of Nicolae Ceausescu. Until November 10, 1980, hope hasn't been a word heard too often on the lips of the average Romanian citizen. Then, with one broadcast from Radio Free Europe, it explodes across the nation into the hearts and minds of all those yearning for independence.

John fled the Communist dictatorship of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu to freedom in America.  Now he sees the familiar signs of total socialism and control wrapping itself around every family, every business, every institution, invading our state and national legislatures.  The loss of freedom at every turn.  He fears for his beloved America and has a warning for every liberty loving American and patriot.

The True Story
John Muntean

As told to 

                                                                                               Josephine Walker

ACFW member

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